The Hero's Journey Project

An on-line collaboration

meet the authors

The hero's journey project is a collaboration of many young writers who all share the passion to share their imagination with the world. Read a little about each of them below. If you have any questions about The HJ Project or wish to contact us, you can email any of the authors below directly or contact us using the site.

david oronos

David Oronos is a student from the San Francisco Bay Area. Ever since he was in second grade, he loved to write stories and share them with his peers. He quickly found that his true passion was to share his imagination with others. He is also a proud new father. He currently resides in Alameda with his girlfriend, Jolene and son, DJ. You can contact David at

derrick smith

Derrick Smith is one who has enjoyed writing for as long as he can remember. His first start was with his journals in elementary schools, but quickly grew to short stories and essays. Always wanting to come up with something bigger and better, Derrick strives for a story that will entrance all and captivate many. Contact him at

vincent hoang

More information on Vincent coming soon!