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the hero's journey

The term the hero's journey, was coined by Joseph Campbell in 1945 in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces to describe a universal structural pattern found in narratives from around the world. Also known as the monomyth, this structure can be found in myths and religious narratives referring to figures such as Jesus, Moses, and Buddha. The basic structure of the hero's journey begins with the protagonist leaving his safe known world after being called to adventure. The hero then is initiated into an entirely new unknown world where he or she must face many trials, and at some point reaches an ultimate low. The hero is then revitalized and can go on to achieve their ultimate goal, so that they can eventually return to their peaceful world.

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the hero's journey project

The Hero's Journey Project is a collaboration effort founded by David Oronos that is centered around the hero's journey. The basic idea is that all writers in the collaboration will be working on the same story. After one writer is finished writing their section of the story, following the guidelines of The Hero's Journey, they will "pass the ball" to the next writer, where they will write the next part. For example David Oronos wrote Section One: Call to Adventure, where as Derrick Smith is writing Section Two: Refusal of the Call.

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the story

The story follows a young man and young woman, complete strangers, who escape from death together, only to be immediately separated and thrown into a fantasy world full of chaos and civil war. Will fate bring them together, or will the chaos tear them further apart?